High throughput JPEG 2000 (HTJ2K) is a new international standard, jointly published by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and International Standards Organization (ISO) as ITU-T Rec  T.814 | IS 15444-15.

The standard is royalty free and brings lightning fast image compression and decompression.

The standard addresses the one issue encountered in the deployment of JPEG 2000 image compression technology in a diversity of applications – namely the computational throughput and energy consumption of the core algorithm. HTJ2K comprehensively addresses this difficulty, potentially opening up many new markets for JPEG 2000 and protecting existing markets from the threat of less functional technology that offers only reduced computation.

How does HTJ2K compare to the venerable JPEG (Rec. ITU-T T.81 | ISO/IEC 10918), which remains in wide use for